San Antonio

Flashdance - National Tour

The pop culture phenomenon is now live on stage!

David R. Gordon on Being Relentless Wisecracker Guy Jimmy in Flashdance on Tour

In the new musical, Flashdance, Alex Owens is a dancer at a small Pittsburgh bar with big ballet dreams. While Alex’s journey is the focus of the story, she isn’t the only character pursuing her ambitions. Alex’s friend Jimmy, played by David R. Gordon (a Costa Mesa native!), is a relentless jokester who tries his hand at stand-up in New York. Watch the video below to hear what Gordon had to say about being a wise guy, getting into acting late and being told to “dance, monkey, dance” by his older sisters when he was a kid. Flashdance opens at San Antonio's Majestic Theatre on June 18 and runs through June 23.

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