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Signing In

When you sign into an Account Manager site, use the same email address you have always used. The system will recognize your email and may prompt you to reset your password. Once you have successfully signed in, you will be able to use the same username and password for other Account Manager sites and

No. All sign-ins use Ticketmaster credentials. You will still use the same email, but your password may be changed.

To ensure it is you, we are requiring each account to have a phone number associated with it. This phone number can be updated via your account profile.

This upgraded sign-in experience protects accounts against account takeovers by identifying suspicious sign-ins and locking the accounts before bad actors can use stolen credentials.

Account Manager fans will be required to use a Ticketmaster account to sign in. Ticketmaster is committed to building a modern, secure sign-in experience. Accounts created on Account Manager sites will not be marketed to by Ticketmaster unless you make a purchase directly on

Enter your email address in the email field and the system will check to see if you have an existing Ticketmaster account. If you see a message that says “Email Not Found”, you will need to sign up with a new Ticketmaster account.

Creating an account is simple and secure! Follow the steps here to create an account.

Contact us at 800.215.7469 (M-F, 10AM-5PM) and have us unlink your email from your Ticketmaster account and then change the email on your account to a new email of your choice. When you sign in again, you will use the new email address.

Each individual email address that you use to sign into Account Manager will have a Ticketmaster account. If you use the same email address for all your accounts you will only have one account that can access each venue or team.

No. Your Account Manager tickets and your Ticketmaster tickets are still in separate systems. Your credentials are the same, but the accounts are separate.

Updating My Information

Account information including your name, email address, phone number and password can be updated in the My Profile section of your Ticketmaster account. You can access My Profile from the profile section of Account Manager or by signing into Your mailing address can only be updated in the profile section of Account Manager. You can also contact us at 800.215.7469 (M-F,10am-5pm)to make updates to the way we communicate with you.

Account Credits

Account Credit is not redeemable for cash, is non-transferrable, and is only redeemable (in whole or in part) toward the purchase of tickets for Broadway in San Antonio shows directly through Broadway Across America. Account credit may have an expiration date. Please see Account Credit Terms & Conditions.

If we cancel your performance, the value of your tickets inclusive of any per ticket or per order service charges on subscription, subscription additional, group sales, or eCLUB tickets may be converted to an account credit on your Broadway in San Antonio account. This account credit can then be used when purchasing tickets for future Broadway in San Antonio performances, or to renew or purchase season subscriptions.

You can use your account credit for these kinds of purchases through <<Series Name>>:

  • Renew your season subscription seats
  • Buy new season subscription seats
  • Buy additional season subscription tickets for an upcoming Broadway in San Antonio show
  • Buy individual eCLUB tickets for an upcoming Broadway in San Antonio show
  • Buy a block of tickets for an upcoming Broadway in San Antonio show for your group of 10 or more
  • Pay a balance due when making a change to your season subscription seats or performance time
  • Pay a balance due when exchanging your season subscription tickets to another performance of the same show

Please log into Account Manager here and click on your name or initial at the top right of the screen. Then click on Account Activity.

You can still use your account credit if the total of the order you’re placing is more than the balance of that account credit. When you apply the account credit at Checkout, the total of your order will be recalculated to reflect the original total less your account credit. You will then be prompted to choose a payment method to cover the order’s remaining balance either from those you have saved in your account or you can choose to add a new one.

While account credits cannot be transferred person to person, you could make a purchase on behalf of someone else in your account and then transfer those tickets to them.

You can find out what your account credit balance is two easy ways:

  1. Online 24/7

By Phone Mon – Fri 10 am – 5pm


While the value of your account credit displayed in your Broadway in San Antonio account should always be updated, there may be occasions when the updated balance is delayed for a period of time. If you’re ever unsure, please call us at 800.215.7469  (Mon – Fri, 10 am – 5pm).

Your account credit balance will expire five (5) years after the date it was issued to your account. If your balance is from the value of tickets for multiple canceled shows, portions of the balance may expire before the rest.

No. An account credit can only be used to buy tickets directly from Broadway in San Antonio. They cannot be used to make purchases with any other ticket seller even if those tickets are for a Broadway in San Antonio, and we are not responsible for the ticketing practices of other ticket sellers. If you would like to make a purchase to use an account credit, please log in to your account or call us at 800.215.7469 (Mon – Fri, 10 am – 5pm).

Credit is not redeemable for cash, and is only redeemable (in whole or in part) towards the purchase of tickets for the Broadway in San Antonio shows (including season subscriptions, additional subscription tickets, group sales tickets, seat upgrades or exchanges). Purchase amounts that exceed the value of the Credit will require an additional method of payment for the balance due. Credit is non-transferrable and can only be used for orders associated with your account. To obtain the balance of your Credit, please call 800.215.7469  or log in to your account. In most cases, the balance is adjusted immediately when you make a purchase, but there may be occasions when the updated balance is delayed for a period of time. Credit does not expire. Credits are only available for tickets purchased directly through the Broadway in San Antonio. Broadway in San Antonio is not responsible for the ticketing practices put in place by secondary ticket providers.

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